Our wine offer consists of three types of white wine, rose, two types of red wine as well as a specific Fruska Gora wine – bermet.

Italian Riesling

Italian Riesling Urosevic Winery

Dry white wine produced from grape variety Italian Riesling grown on the northern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain.
It is characterized by a greenish yellow color, crystal clarity and a specific varietal aroma with a prominent floral flavor. The taste is dominated by a pleasant acidity that makes the wine fresh.
It is served with cold appetizers, pasta, freshwater fish and chicken dishes. This wine is served chilled to a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

Rhein Riesling

Rhein Riesling Urosevic Winery

Dry white wine made from grape variety Rheine Riesling. The wine has green-yellow color with golden hues and crystal clarity. Varietal fragrance is nicely developed and with its refined complex bouquet evokes the scent of ripe grapes. Full-bodied taste with spicy acid makes this wine very drinkable and fresh.
You will experience a true gastronomic delight drinking this wine with sea and river fish, chicken dishes and cheese. Rheine Riesling is served chilled to a temperature of 10-12 ° C.


Zupljanka is delightfully light dry white wine made from the same-name grape variety grown on the northern slopes of Fruska Gora Mt.
This grape variety was created by crossing red varieties – Prokupac and Pinot Noir.
Zupljanka has greenish-yellow color with strong grape aroma and specific fruit smell. Zupljanka is best served with light fish or white meat dishes and young cheeses.
All aromas of Zupljanka come best to the fore when served at a temperature of 9 to 12° C.


Pink dry wine produced from authentic varieties of red grape in a traditional way of wine making in Urosevic Winery.
This wine has translucent red color, fresh, gentle scent and drinkable light taste with acidity that makes it fresh and playful.
An ideal wine for long-term enjoyment with light appetizers, fresh meat and fruit desserts.
The beauty of this wine comes to the fore by drinking it at a temperature of 12 -14 ° C.

Cabernet Franc

Dry red wine made from grape variety Cabernet Franc. This wine, with its purple-red color, reveals blackberry/raspberry aroma and a distinctive delicate taste of green herbs.
It is best served in combination with fat cheese, game and grilled meat.
Cabernet Franc should be served at a temperature of 14 -16ºC.


Dry red wine made in a traditional way from grape variety Vranac.
This wine has dark red color, expressed varietal aroma, full-bodied, harmonious and slightly tannin taste. Recommended with fat cheese, spicy food, red meat and game.
Vranac is best served at a temperature of 14 -16ºC.

Red and White Bermet

Crveni Bermet Vinogradi UrosevicBermet is flavored wine enriched with 23 types of aromatic herbs and is produced in the traditional Beli Bermet Vinogradi Urosevicway from grapes grown on the northern slopes of Fruska Gora. This wine, that is made only on Fruska Gora Mountain, is fragrant, smooth and overwhelming at first sip.
Doors of the most prominent European palaces were opened to this wine. Bermet was the honoured “member” of the wine lists of Viennese hotels and royal palace during the reign of Maria Theresa, and the story says that it was served on the famous „Titanic“.
The primary difference between our Red and White Bermet, in addition to their base, is the ratio of aromatic and medicinal herbs. In the Red Bermet dominating aroma is the aroma of clove, while in the background you can taste the aroma of wormwood (absinthe) in perfect harmony with other medicinal herbs. In the White Bermet, aroma of the wormwood prevails with some mild background aromas of other added herbs. Because of this ratio, you can taste true freshness of the base in the White Bermet.
Both wines are served as an aperitif, digestive or dessert wines, at a temperature of 14 -16 ° C.